“On the east coast of Bali beneath the dormant volcano Mount Agung and away from the tourist crowds, The Retreat is a small centre for detoxing and rejuvenation set up in 2006 by brilliant English meditation teacher Burgs, who runs meditation retreats in UK (see www.theartofmeditation.org). It is now staffed by a qualified team of 12 Balinese staff, and Burgs visits at various times throughout the year.” – Caroline Sylge in the Times’ Top 5 Exotic Detox Retreats

Times top 5

“I cant ever remember feeling quite as happy and so full of life energetically and physically. My mind cleared and I could get in touch with the beauty and awe of both myself and the place.” – Catherine

My mind cleared

“I arrived at the retreat having needed to push and drive myself in my life to get my energy levels up. I found the ten dayClear Light Cleanse and Rejuvination program very easy and painless, and by the end of it felt better than I could remember, having purified out so many toxins from my body, and had time to let my mind still in the magical surroundings. I lost 6 kilos and my energy levels have noticeably raised even a year later, as well as my meditation practice becoming deeper and more effortless” – Marc

magical surroundings

“I arrived at Golden Rock worn out but with no obvious ailment. After a seven day treatment, the Rainbow Cleanse program, which including a five day fast, I felt unbelievably invigorated with energy levels fully charged, amazingly calm and very clean. It was a truly wonderful cleansing of body and soul and seven months on I still feel the benefits.”  – Rose

Unbeleivably invigorated

“My stay at Golden Rock was totally life changing. The ultimate detox of body and mind, and the regeneration of spirit” – Adrianne

"Life Changing"

3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Dear Wiwit,

    I would like to wish you and the team a wonderful Christmas with much
    love and friendship with family and friends.

    I would also like to thank you for my 10-day stay at Golden Rock this
    year. You have helped me along my path of sudden, unrequested change,
    and as I return to the land of the living I’d like you to know you
    have played a part in my recovery and better health.

    May the New Year of 2014 bring us all peace, joy and good health, and
    a sense of spirit and life renewed.

    With much gratitude and many blessings,


  2. 5 day detox in Oct 2005 during the 2nd Bali bombing in the capital. I can still remember the peace and stillness of this incredible place, the gentle kindness of the villagers and the feeling of connection to mother Earth.

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